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Ultimate L-Carnitine 250g | UPS

Ultimate L-Carnitine 250g | UPS

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New Product Range by Ultimate Performance Supplements!

- 2g serve

- Pharmaceutical grade

- ZERO fillers

- ZERO sweeteners

UPS ULTIMATE ACETYL L-CARNITINE is a 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade source of Acetyl L-Carnitine, widely used by athletes to increase fat burning and improve performance. It works by helping to transport free fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells, where they are burned off as energy. In addition, this powerful amino acid has been shown in research to aid muscle recovery and support healthy heart and brain function. ULTIMATE ACETYL L-CARNITINE is stimulant free and contains zero fillers, flavours, colours or impurities. 

Who Is It For?

UPS ULTIMATE ACETYL L-CARNITINE is ideal for anyone looking to increase fat burning and improve performance during training.


Increase fat burning
Boost energy & performance
Improve endurance & stamina
Faster recovery
Support brain & heart function

UPS ULTIMATE ACETYL L-CARNITINE is best taken 20 minutes before, during and after workouts. Mix 1 scoop (2g) with 50ml water and consume. 


UPS Ultimate Burn
UPS Ultimate BCAAs
UPS Ultimate Shred Protein
UPS Ultimate Slim

Add 1 scoop (2g) of UPS ULTIMATE ACETYL L-CARNITINE to 1 serve of UPS ULTIMATE BURN to enhance fat burning and metabolic activity.

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