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Supersize Pro Series 2.27kg | Max's

Supersize Pro Series 2.27kg | Max's

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Brand: Max's

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MAX'S SuperSize NutritionMAX'S SuperSize is a blend of high quality protein, high energy carbs and essential vitamins and minerals.

Whey Protein ConcentrateOne of nature's best muscle building proteins, WPC has the perfect amino acid profile for building maximum muscle mass.

Long Chain Glucose Polymers (Maize Maltodextrin)Provide a fast and sustained release of energy nutrients to building maximum muscle mass and fuel your bdy for optimum performance.

 - 11.2g - BCAAs

 - 51.6g - Protein

 - 800 - Calories

 - 8.4g - L-Glutamine

MAX’S SuperSize will push your metabolism anabolic! It is ideal for all trainers who find it difficult to gain weight, size and strength. If you are a young thin trainer who finds it hard to build up, or you’re just naturally skinny and want to add some kilos to your frame, MAX’S SuperSize will pack thousands more kilojoules of muscle building nutrients into your daily eating plan to ensure you make the gains you want.

Each serve in low fat milk gives you a massive 3000kj and 54 grams of protein, plus heaps of clean energy carbs to set your body up for massive muscle growth and rapid weight gains

Taking 2 – 3 serves of this potent mass building formula each day will help to quickly add muscular weight to even the skinniest frame and hardest trainer.

Serving Size 120g (3 heaped scoops, in water)
Servings per Container 19
Quantity Per Serve
Energy 471kcal
Protein 31.2g
Fat Total 2.0g
- Saturated Fat 1.4g
Carbohydrates 80.2g
- Sugar 2.5g
Sodium 420mg
Quantity Per 100g
Energy 392kcal
Protein 26.0g
Fat Total 1.7g
- Saturated Fat 1.2g
Carbohydrates 66.8g
- Sugar 2.1g
Sodium 350mg
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