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ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition, the first company in the world to bring you a scientific breakthrough in creatine performance and purity, now ups the benchmark with the introduction of HPC – High Performance Creatine, NANO Creatine Performance Formula

Using NANO Technology, HPC incorporates ingredients that have been scientifically proven to maximise uptake of creatine into your muscle cells and also provide optimal hydration and support for maximum performance during exercise and nutrient uptake after exercise. This also effectively makes HPC, the most advanced sports drink in the world.

NANO Technology enhanced, with ingredients like, Taurine, B vitamins, mineral phosphates and pharmaceutical grade Dextrose, HPC is an advanced sports formula providing performance enhanced energy and fluid replenishing electrolytes to fuel you through your exercise workouts and help increase recovery rate, with the added bonus of performance and recovery enhancing NANO Creatine.

At ASN – Advanced Sports Nutrition we are always looking to improve what we already have. It is what keeps us ahead of our competition. Increasing the effectiveness of NANO Creatine was no easy task, because NANO Creatine is already extremely effective by itself. Using the scientific research found on increasing nutrient uptake within muscles cells, including creatine, we have developed the HPC formula.



41 / 1.8 kg


Recommended Use

Add 1 heaped scoop (44g) to 300ml (10 fl. Oz) of cold water in a drink shaker. Mix well and consume. Take 1 serve, twice a day

For optimum results, consume 1 serve before and during exercise with another serve to be consumed after exercise in conjunction with a post workout protein shake. ie; HP-100


HPC High Performance Creatine – Enhance Creatine Uptake

A little known fact, in regards to creatine, that gets lost in all the hype promoted by other companies with their creatine formula’s, is that creatine uptake within cells is sodium dependent and not insulin dependent. Not only that, it has also been proven that sodium is one of the main mineral electrolytes that becomes depleted during exercise interfering with exercise performance. HPC incorporates adequate sodium levels within its electrolyte ingredients, along with potassium and magnesium, to ensure optimum creatine uptake and fluid hydration.


HPC High Performance Creatine – Enhance Nutrient Uptake

It is a well-known fact, that insulin spiking has been related to increased nutrient and fluid uptake within muscle cells. An effective insulin spike can easily be achieved through consuming high glycemic (GI) carbohydrates. The higher the GI, the higher the insulin spike. With this in mind, HPC incorporates Nanorised Pharmaceutical Grade Dextrose, which has been used extensively in scientific research as an insulin spiking agent. Nanorised Taurine has also been added to the formula because of its insulin like effects in regards to nutrient uptake within muscle cells.
With its insulin spiking capabilities, HPC is the perfect partner to use with your post exercise workout protein such as HP-100, to increase nutrient uptake within muscle cells, maximizing recovery and growth for increased sports performance.


HPC High Performance Creatine – Nutritional Information

Finally, HPC has been enhanced with B group vitamins which act as co-factors within your metabolic pathways to enhance performance and to make sure your energy system is working at its peak

Serving Size 44g
Servings per Container 41
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