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Animal Whey - 1.8KG | Universal Nutrition

-25% Animal Whey - 1.8KG | Universal Nutrition

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Brand: Animal
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Universal Nutrition - Animal Whey

It is a fact we know well. There is no more critical staple in the supplement regimen of a serious weight trainer than protein powder. As it is a perfect means of filling the gaps bridging whole-food meals, providing a concentrated dose of the most important macronutrient for bodybuilding protein.

Just about every serious bodybuilder uses whey protein regularly--in the AM, between meals, postworkout, mixed in their oatmeal, before bed. With such a valuable and flexible muscle-building commodity, the possibilities are endless. So as such, were Animal to make a foray into that highly competitive category, we had to do it right... We had to come prepared to win. The best Animal protein would have to meet and exceed the demands of the most demanding lifters in terms of mixabilty, digestibility and flavor.

It was with these high standards in mind that we formulated Animal Whey. Rich in prized whey protein isolate, fortified by digestive enzymes, mixes easily.

A whopping 25 grams of protein per scoop. And it tastes great. We endeavored to create the ideal bodybuilding protein source, one worthy of the thirty-plus year Animal legacy, and the accolades garnered in the trenches assure us that this enterprise was a success. Never ones to settle, however, we continue to push for excellence.

Protein 24:7 Special:

- Free Animal Flexfit Cap & Shaker

- Purchase x2 tubs and get a Free Animal T-shirt!


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